Friday, September 30, 2011

September? What?!

Holy cow! It's the last day of September already!! Where did the month go?? Forget about the month, where did the YEAR go??? I contemplated waiting a whole year before I posted again, I mean I made it this long why not hold out a little longer? ha And might I just say, you know it's been WAY too long when the whole layout of the blog tools have completely changed and your linked fonts no longer work. haha  

Well rather than bore you with a year long run down that would probably take a year to read I'll just start out with a summary of the month, because September has been pretty epic.  

Orlando has a new professional soccer team and some friends of ours got free box seats for the championship game, and they invited us along. B is not a soccer person but because he loves me he graciously joined us and the game was so good even B was way into it! Orlando won which is awesome for it being their first season as a team.

I am VERY proud/excited about my curbside find that was for FREE "Sounds good to MEEE" (name the movie) It's a sewing table, the top opens up to be bigger and has a hole for the machine. I'm going to fix it up eventually. I can't wait!

B got a new truck! This was a joyous moment in the Judd household. (Tears of joy may or may not have been shed) We were really struggling with just the one car. I feel so independent and finally out of my teens (again!) 

September is such a great time of year, fall is coming, cooler weather and a PLETHORA of birthdays to celebrate!!! (Including yours truly. See it really is a great month ;) ) A family in our ward has two kids (they're around mine and Brandon's age... ok more like around Brandon's age. ha) who are Irish Twins! For 3 days they are the same age. Pretty cool! They are such a fun family. When they heard my birthday was in between the two of them they invited us to join in the festivities! We each got our own cakes, had a huge delicious dinner and played Scategories after (I haven't played that since I was a kid! I miss that game!)

I got these babies from B. He hid them in the fridge, so when we were making dinner and I went to get something from the fridge and you could imagine my surprise/confusion to seeing a big orange shoe box in there! haha I love him! His dad gave me matching running shorts. Thanks Kim! Time to hit the gym! (ha that rhymed.)

A co-worker surprised me with this bouquet of sugar cookies. They are bees and the flower cookie in the middle says "Happy 'Bee' Lated Birthday!" So cute and so yummy!

Hanging out with these awesome girls on my b-day! I really have made some awesome friends out here. I'm so grateful for them! And my friend's daughter I'm holding is probably the cutest, most well behave little girl ever! Love her to death! (also notice more cake! DEFINITELY need to hit the gym!)

Also can't forget Cyndi!!! She's the mastermind behind my b-day party (and mamma of the cutest baby ever refer to comment I made above) Again I'm so grateful for these ladies!

Next I went to one of my other besties house, she lives about an hour or so from me so we don't get to see each other often, but her B-day is the day after mine (More proof that September is the best month ever) so we had a Birthday Extravaganza! Her daughters made me notes like the one above and her other daughter left one on my pillow that said "Sweet Dreams" and had a sleeping eye mask for me to wear. so cute! We crafted, watched movies.  Then the following morning I took their family pictures, we went to lunch, did some b-day shopping and went and saw "The Help" (my 2nd time seeing it her first) LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! It was a fantastic trip.  Another friend I truly love and admire!

I'll end my picture collage with the adorable shoes I bought in said shopping trip (above) I got these and a cute shirt at Ross with the birthday money my Mother-in-Law sent me. Thank you Linda I'm so thankful for your generosity. :)

Yes it's the last day of September, but we haven't ended the festivities just yet.  Dave and Vanessa (who is also a September Birthday! see all kinds of awesomeness comes from being born in this blessed month!) came into town yesterday.  They are staying with us for the weekend and it has been a blast! Last night our hair blew in our faces with their rented convertible and they treated us to the most amazing dinner at Cuba Libre the restaurant had a fantastic deal going on that is ending today (we got there just in time!) and it made it so that we were able to eat all kinds of great food with an amazing savings in price. Tomorrow we will be treating them to Disney World.  It will be fantastic and I can't wait!