Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can see my house from here!

Pro rider Kevin Henshaw lives a few houses down from us on our lake. He built a floating rail that I can see from my back porch. Here's the Video that they made about it. Our house is the white one in the background. :) Nice Riding Kevin!

Kevin Henshaws new rail from Collin Harrington on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm not crying!

So it turns out I cry... a lot. My poor husband has to put up with it and does such a great job. I don't know why I get so sensitive, I try hard not to but sometimes I just can't help myself. I blame my dad really. He cried when I gave him an Elvis #1 Hits CD one year for Christmas. He's the one that coined the phrase "There must be a Target store opening somewhere." Meaning we cry at Target store openings... which I don't understand why you'd cry over something like that... but I guess that's the point isn't it? We don't know why we cry at most the things we cry at. I was told I cried a lot as a kid and for all those who had to endure those days I am truly sorry. As I grew up I thought that I was much better at controlling it and could go quite awhile without a tear on my face (except for maybe some brief moments here and there but certainly not often.) But as I've gotten older I've just become more sensitive and I'm not sure who it drives more crazy - me or Brandon. Half the time I deny the fact that my eyes have watered up, to me this isn't "crying" - yet! Crying is where tears have actually streamed down the face. However, Brandon's definition is different so when I deny it it drives him crazy. I deny it because I know that half- okay, more than half the time I realize it's for a stupid reason and I wish that I wasn't crying. In fact sometimes I cry harder because I'm crying... and then I am literally crying because I am crying... it's a vicious cycle.

One night my eyes watered up over who knows what and Brandon asked, "Are you crying?" To which I replied, "No." He said, "Yes you are! There's mascara on your pillow." And my response? "I was sweating!"

That is why this song is so truly amazing! Some campers (at The Wakeboard Camp) were watching Flight of the Conchords the other day and this song came on. I told Brandon that he had to come listen to it. We laughed really hard, therefore, I had to blog about it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This might be against my religion...

I know I am a CA girl through and through. And I know that I had many a lunch at In-N-Out with Sarah (Dunyon) Baillio in high school ordering our number 1, no onion and Neapolitan shake (at least that was my order.) And Royah (Askar) Peterson had her In-N-Out themed birthday party. And every time we did baptisms at the temple we stopped at In-N-Out on the way home. Every time one of the guys would go on their mission we'd have one last midnight run before they left and I remember Mark signing "Elder Braden Miller" under his "designated seat" in the La Paz In-N-Out and when they came home from their missions you better believe it was the 1st stop before heading to be released, I mean I even kept up that tradition after my month "mini" mission! I understand the importance! And that you couldn't go to UT without stopping at the In-N-Out in Vegas first. I understand all that...and it's because I understand that that I feel as though I'm going against my religion by saying, "Five Guys is BETTER!" Don't get me wrong I do still love In-N-Out but I've gotta keep it real and I feel In-N-Out has met it's match, they are very neck in neck with Five Guys in the lead.

We kept hearing about this "Five Guys" place and about how good it was and how it was better than In-N-Out but I needed to be the judge of that. So Brandon and I went to do some errands, where we fell in love with this store "World Market" but that's for another post. (it's awesome!) Anyway... Five Guys was in the same area so we decided to grab some lunch. We went to order and the guy was so nice he knew it was our first time and that we were from CA and of course we talked about In-N-Out haha. So ok you tell them which burger you want (how many patties basically) and then you tell them all the toppings you want! (Which are no extra charge) Toppings consist of: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, mayo, mustard, BBQ sauce and probably other stuff I can't remember at the moment there was a whole list of stuff. We decided we didn't have the money to get fries and we just got water, again to save on money, and the guy could tell what we were doing and since he wanted us to have a great first experience at Five Guys he so graciously threw in free fries! :) I'm glad he did because they were really good! I just wish they had ranch to dip them in. But the best part was I didn't feel heavy or sickly full in my gut like In-N-Out tends to make me feel after. In fact I wanted to go back for more later that night haha. It was like the burger just came off the grill in the backyard but even better. If this place hasn't shown up on "Diners, Dive-ins and Drives" it should. Man I'm hungry just thinking about it! But as for now I gotta go to the grocery store... uh oh... bad combination grocery store and hunger! Wish me luck that I stick only to the shopping list!