Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls Camp!

Again I have been neglecting my blog, but with good reason this time.  I was completely away from civilization all week long as I attended GIRLS CAMP!  I had a BLAST!  It was fun getting to be with the girls and getting to know them better and making new friends.  One of them being the camp director from another ward, Desiree Sant, who has now talked me into doing a half marathon with her this fall.  I don't know what I have just gotten myself into but it will be fun and give me something to work on.  (I hope!) Also another dear friend of mine who has been awesome and is so full of amazing ideas and who was the whole brains behind girls camp this year is Jennifer Hawkins.  She just continues to amaze me with all the awesome things she can do!  Check out her blog because she has some fun stuff for Primary and Young Women aids and whatnot.  

Before heading out to camp I had an idea to do pictures of the girls for name tags for their beds in the cabin. Well it didn't work out to do the pictures so the YW President took the pics and my husband and I decided to jazz them up a bit.  My awesome husband helped me all night on these, I really appreciate his hard work and his support through camp.  I love him so much!  You can check out his blog here where he's posted some of his designs and whatnot, it's still pretty new but he has some fun stuff on there.  So below are the name tags we created hope you enjoy! I'll get some camp pics up soon. 

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is pretty much the coolest video I've ever seen.  Check it out!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Beginnings

Sorry it's been awhile since I've added something new. I always think about what to add but then don't get around to doing it. Then things pile up and yadda yadda you all know the story. First of all I'll start with Memorial day.

We had an AWESOME Memorial Day! I wish I had taken pictures, I had my camera with me all day but never turned it on. I know I'm a disgrace to the title: "Photographer" on this day I was not worthy of the title. :p The day started out early with a 7 am football game with the ward. I always hate it when the guys make fun of the girls that want to play and treat them as though they can't offer anything worth value to the team, so I was a little reluctant to play not knowing what their reaction would be. Turned out they needed another player and were more than willing for me to join so this meant I needed to prove myself. For some, especially one in particular probably wished I had never shown up. haha. I haven't really done any physical activity, besides wakeboarding here and there, for like 4 months and even then it was only like once a week. And for those of you who know me that's ridiculous (I'm dying to find a soccer team out here but I want to get in shape first - gotta make a good first impression haha) So I have some physical aggression stored up inside me. I kept shutting down poor Keane, it didn't matter that he scored 3 touchdowns, for all the other times I stopped him or scored or whatever they overshadowed anything good he may have done and he of course was given a hard time for being beat by a girl. haha poor guy. It was extremely fun and felt really good to get out and play though. It was even more fun having ward members turn Brandon and my name into a verb "Ooooo You just got Judded!" haha. But I can't tell you how extremely sore I was after that. For the next few days I could hardly walk, let alone get out of bed. After the football game we took a couple of the youth with us to the cable park. CJ and Brandon rode while Chamberlynn and I watched. (There was no way I was going to be able to hold onto a handle after that football game!) We went to 7-11 after and got some liquids and made it home just in time to go bowling for FHE with some other friends from the ward. Yep my arms were really getting tired at this point. But it was so fun, and we all had a blast listening to Braden (the funniest 3 yr old you'll ever meet) shout out some great one liners and try so hard to bowl like a pro. After bowling Brandon wasn't feeling super hot and wanted some rice so we went to a sushi bar and I got a sushi roll while Brandon ate his rice and miso soup. Probably one of the quickest and cheapest sushi runs ever. We rented a movie from red box and we were both out within the first 10 mins or so of the movie and went straight to bed at 9 pm. Probably the most eventful day since we've lived here... minus our days at Disney World. ha

Next, I have been doing a lot of thinking and trying to figure out my purpose... my role in life. I mean I know I want to be a mom one day but that's not really in the cards at the moment. So what to do in the mean time...? I've always wanted to do more with my photography I just lack the confidence to do so. I decided now is the time to make this happen. I signed up with an online company where I can sell Stock photos. (www.istockphoto.com) So I'm working on that along with doing my own shoots and if anyone is interested I can do personal photo shoots as well. I was originally thinking of having this blog be my personal blog plus photo blog but I've realized I need a separate website. So I will let you know when I have my photo website up and running. So that's what I'm working on.

I also want to be more in shape so I am doing my best to go running. Last week I did better than this week. I was supposed to go earlier this morning but I was a bit distracted. I kept telling myself I'll go after I post this...after reading 3 or 4 blogs later, I'm finally writing this post and it's now 10 am when I sat down at the computer around 8:30 or so... awesome.

My next item of business is my life story. I recently read my Grandma Rogers' life story and I've been working on various projects involving my ancestors lately that I'm realizing now would be a good time to create such a thing. My grandma was in her 80's when she wrote hers, adding some here and there over the years but most of it was written towards the end of her life. I'm so impressed she remembered as much as she did. I can hardly remember stuff from my past. But as I was reading her's and thinking about what I could write in mine so many random memories have popped into my head. So I'm thinking now is as good of time as any to get my story written so my future generations can know who I am. Who knows maybe I'll even learn something about myself in the process. :)

So that's it, that's a bit of a catch up of what's been going on around here. Girls camp is a week away I can't believe it! So there will be more stories and pictures from then. But as for now those are some of my thoughts and goals that I will be spending my time trying to develop. I wonder if anyone is even still listening to me...? ha oh well. Oooo Wold Cup starts now! maybe I'll save running for tomorrow... Watching soccer helps me get ready to play soccer right...? ;)