Friday, December 24, 2010

Videos and Pictures as promised

We made it safe and sound to Utah. We stopped at Costco in St. George and I got yelled at by the guy at the sample table for getting seconds, I wish I had a good comeback for him but unfortunately I was in too much shock, I thought he was kidding at first so I was going to joke back but then realized he was dead serious and I decided just eat my sample and go. Awkward.

Little things will amuse you too if you'd been in a car for 12 hrs.

Directly on my left was my mom and as you can see the back is packed to the roof.

This was directly to my right and was head high.

Yeah it's gonna be a long drive.
They made it so this video couldn't be embedded so follow the link, its a bit of a new twist on the Christmas story. ;)

Digital Nativity Story

Happy Festivus!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the road again...

So I failed at getting a video up last night oops! Well I'll post 2 videos later today. Anyhoo... We got up at the crack of dawn and packed the car and left only an hour later than planned (a Christmas miracle!) and my mom would like the world to know that it wasnt her that made us late for once (and yet ANOTHER christmas miracle!) We are currently on the road headed to UT. We just crossed the Nevada state line. The car is packed to the max! My mom and I are all cozy in the back seat I'm going to try to post pictures, I've never blogged from my phone before so let's give it ago...
Haha this just in... My husband just threw orange peels out the window of a car going 80mi an hr car just as a hwy protrol car drove by. Good work honey.

Ok pictures aren't working I'll have to post them later... By the way am I the only person in the world that hates the smell of oranges? I've been getting a lot of crap about it and with my husband eating them right now I'm getting sick... This is going to be a long drive...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home for the holidays

Well I'm headed home!  At this very moment!  The husband and I are in the air as we speak.  I'm very excited about this free wi-fi that Virgin America is offering during the holiday season.  The trip started out a little rough, but with all Christmas stories there seems to be a Christmas miracle in there some where!  We got to the airport in plenty of time.  Virgin Atlantic's lines were out the door so we were very excited to see only a couple of people in line at Virgin America, one them being our friend/co-worker Bob Sichel, that was fun.  When we checked our bags things started to go down hill... They claimed they needed to charge extra because of them being "sports equipment" (Snowboard and Wakeboard) We were not happy about this since it was totally unexpected and was going to cost us a total of $100!  We paid the people and went on our way.  After waiting forever in security I put my bag through and was flagged because I completely disregarded the fact that some Christmas gifts I put in it were liquid!  They were going to make me check my bag, meaning I had to go back to the ticket counter, pay MORE money that I didn't have and on top of it all I had very little time to make it to the plane.  I rushed back to the counter and they told me I was too late! I was freaking out! I was going to have to toss my gifts out!  And then the Christmas Miracle began... They decided to check my bag free of charge, they then realized I wouldn't make the flight and a supervisor took pity on me.  He went ahead and switched us to the later flight which was a direct flight to LA (our other flight had a layover in San Fran) and it would get us there earlier than our original flight! Although our boards were already on the first flight so we will have to wait at LAX for that plane anyway.  Normally there's a $100 fee plus whatever the price difference of the ticket is to do this but he did it for FREE! Oh I was SOOO happy!!! AND THEN he proceeds to tell me that they shouldn't have charged us extra for our boards so they gave us a refund! HALLELUJAH!  Happy Festivus! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Angels sang! Now we're sitting on the plane with awesome leather seats, our own TVs, free wi-fi and cool purple lighting.  Virgin Airlines are the way to travel for sure!

I've decided to celebrate this Christmas week by posting some fun videos, be sure to check back each day for some Christmas cheer! :)