Friday, December 24, 2010

Videos and Pictures as promised

We made it safe and sound to Utah. We stopped at Costco in St. George and I got yelled at by the guy at the sample table for getting seconds, I wish I had a good comeback for him but unfortunately I was in too much shock, I thought he was kidding at first so I was going to joke back but then realized he was dead serious and I decided just eat my sample and go. Awkward.

Little things will amuse you too if you'd been in a car for 12 hrs.

Directly on my left was my mom and as you can see the back is packed to the roof.

This was directly to my right and was head high.

Yeah it's gonna be a long drive.
They made it so this video couldn't be embedded so follow the link, its a bit of a new twist on the Christmas story. ;)

Digital Nativity Story

Happy Festivus!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!!


  1. Hahahaha when i saw that first picture I started busting up!

  2. The picture of you in the car brings me back to girls camp. Wow, time flies!