Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What did you say?

So here's some awesome conversations that have taken place over the last little while...

1. Yesterday I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday. Later that night I had the following text conversation with my Sister-in-law:

Hahahaha I love that kid!
 2. At church on Sunday I was teaching my primary class about the word of wisdom. I wrote on slips of paper different items that the WofW warns us about. ie Coffee and I drew a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup on it. etc. I gave a piece of paper to 2 kids and had them role play. The idea was to teach the kids to say no to these items. I called up 2 boys and handed them the last slip of paper. I noticed it said "tea" on it and I thought to myself "oh that's kinda girly but whatever it's all I have left" and I gave it to them anyway. I said "Ok try to get him to take the tea" and this kid, who is usually very quiet and very hard to get him to participate says in an English accent/girly kinda voice "would you like to come to my tea party!?" while shaking the picture at him. The whole class died laughing!

3. Phone call to Brandon the other day:
M: I need you to do me a favor, What's Allen's number?
B: Where's your cell phone?
M: Um.. I locked myself out of my office... everything is inside! :/
B: Are you at the homeless place?
M: Yes.
B: Oh honey. :(
And by "Homeless place" he means the half way house for ex-con's.

4. This one happened about a month ago but it still makes me laugh. My nephew called to tell us he lost his first tooth. I asked if his dad (Mike) had tied his tooth to a door knob with a string and shut the door. He said "no but he was going to tie my tooth to his truck and drive away." Brandon said, "what if your head went with it?" Ryan said, "THAT"s what I was thinking!" hahahaha I love that kid.

5. Brandon woke me up at 2 am to move me from the couch to the bed. The 8 min conversation that followed went like this:

M: You're sitting on my snowman!
B: What?
M: My snowman! He's melting
...B: Why is he melting?
M: Cuz Christmas is over and he's an ornament
B: Why is he an ornament?
M: Cuz that's what we are in charge of
B: Oh

He continued to interview me (which I found out he recorded it all on his phone) and I got so frustrated with him because he kept laughing at me when I was so certain I was making total sense! He kept asking what we were in charge of and after refusing to say anymore since he was just going to laugh at me, I finally gave in and said "pin coushion" and he had the audasity to laugh more and he continued to interview me! So I said, "No. I tell you something that makes TOTAL sense, and you're acting like I'm this idiot that doesn't know anything." hahahahahha I was so mad. I'm really glad he got it recorded though. It has really made my day.


  1. lol, I feel like I have those sleepy conversations with my husband almost every night

  2. HAHAHA!! Awesome conversations! Looks like there is never a dull moment with you too, and tell Brandon I totally get it, the many late nights, watching SNL, or should I say sleeping through SNL! :)

  3. that last one really had me laughing out loud! we always make sense in the middle of the night, right?

  4. hahaha I'm glad I could bring a smile to your face :) I can't help but read these over and over and still laugh. haha

    Sarah are you referring to all the times I fell asleep while watching SNL with you? I don't think I ever saw the end of Clue until I bought the dvd in college, because I'd always fall asleep before it was over remember that? I read an old email from high school the other day where I mentioned falling asleep in some movie and then I said (Surprise surprise) haha somethings just never change no matter how hard you try. haha